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Published: 25th November 2010
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Concrete scanning imaging is used to locate the post tension cables, steel bars etc in construction. With use of Concrete Imaging technology, necessary information is acquired regarding the place of project undertaken. This scan helps in inspecting the existing concrete structure for sinkholes and voids.

Concrete scanning imaging is a non-destructive service offering accurate and quick result on site and is carried out in concrete structures like beams,columns,towers , bridges , tunnels,slabs etc. During the construction work it can be dangerous to carry out cutting or drilling of floors, ceilings, walls etc without inspecting sub surface.

Concrete imaging or scanning are of various types such as Radiography(X-ray),GPR,Ferroscan. G&S are concrete contractors which provide you with concrete imaging service providing hard copies of the scan that can be used during the time of project work on ground. The type of scan is picked by the company and G&S provides concrete imaging at affordable and cost effective rates

Radiography had been the initial type making use of X-ray. The only disadvantage it has is the harmful rays emitted by this procedure. But done under proper security conditions the effect of rays can be avoided .G&S concrete cutting takes full care of security conditions of our employees.

Ferroscan is a technology based on the electromagnetic field of ferrous materials to locate the embedded items. This scanning technology accurately locate rebar, wire mesh,post tensioned/prestressing cables , ferrous conduit and metal studs.

This concrete scanning radar technology can be used on floors, walls, columns, beams and ceilings. Ferroscan software provides hard copies of the image scans that can be used in the field for analysis and further execution.

GPR stands for Ground Penetrating Radar Technology is used to scan the subsurface of an approximate depth. GPR doesnot emit any harmful rays.

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